Here are the best portals and organizations to start with volunteering.


INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER HEADQUARTERS –  Ideal for those who have never volunteered. The organization takes care of all the volunteer movements, including transfers to and from the airport and takes care of finding accommodation in a family in the local community. For info .

KATELIOS GROUP – S i takes care to protect the sea turtles that lay their eggs on the island of Kefalonia. There are no taxes to participate in the volunteer program. Food, stay and transport, however, are borne by the volunteer. For info .

SE7EN – It is a network of low-cost volunteer opportunities for the environment and the social sphere. The  journey to reach the labor camp is the responsibility of the volunteer. For info: .

UBELONG – For those looking  for volunteer opportunities in Latin America, Africa and Asia is the right organization. To participate in the project you need to pay a fee which is however much lower than other projects. For info: .

EVS –  Videos, information, various performances, cinema or radio are used to raise awareness of certain themes or recreational activities involving young people in the local community. The Evs in Europe or the International Civil Service provide (paid) opportunities to carry out these activities and to learn by teaching.  

CONSERVATION VOLUNTEERS – Through various short-term projects Conservation Volunteers deals with the protection of endangered habitats and promoting ecotourism in Australia and New Zealand . 

Usually the price is around $ 40 a night and includes room and board. 

SUDAN VOLUNTEER PROGRAM – With  , volunteers can teach English in schools and universities. The air ticket is paid by the volunteer while the rest of the costs are borne by the organization that also provides a very small salary. 

UNITED NATIONS VOLUNTEER PROGRAM – The United Nations offers  a volunteer program ranging from 6 months to a year. Joining is free and you receive a monthly salary and a reimbursement of expenses. For info .

VOLUNTEERS SOUTH AMERICA – R welcomes a series of volunteer programs to be held in South America . There are no taxes to pay to participate even if usually room and board are not included. Choosing carefully where to sleep and what to eat, however, helps to abate the costs of travel.

WINROCK INTERNATIONAL –  There are voluntary programs which are accessed by selection. There are no costs and even the airline ticket is charged to the organization.Among the various projects are the improvement of agriculture in Bangladesh or the management of Cedar forests in Lebanon.

WWOOF – Wwoofing is a network of organic farms around the world. In exchange for your work you get free food and lodging in the farm. For info .

VOLUNTEERING IN THE HEALTHCARE –  Health volunteering is not only accessible to doctors and nurses who have chosen to study medicine and related sciences.Volunteer programs in the health sector also include awareness campaigns on the risks of contracting diseases such as HIV or exercises and lessons for disabled children. Associations of a religious nature or less deal with these issues all over the world.

WHERE TO SEND THE CV –  Schools, wells and more, all the infrastructures that a small community may need are built. Male volunteers and building skills are usually welcome. It is not said, however, that projects can not be found where the contribution of a woman is not considered suitable. On  you find volunteer projects and work in the field of No Profit, you can register and publish your CV.

COLUMBUS DIRECT TRAVEL INSURANCE –  Before leaving, consider the idea of ​​taking out travel insurance. The company Columbus Direct can offer different solutions depending on the needs of travelers. From backpacker products to study insurance,here you will find the general conditions and the entire Columbus offer.


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