When kids start kindergarten everyone expects these periods to bring big changes for the kids. For most of the kids kindergarten  is the first time when they are in a structured school setting while others have been in a small school setting  and are now going to a bigger classroom setting with more kids.  Unfortunately kids will respond differently to the kindergarten experience depending on how ready they are to start their new school life.  This is why some of the kindergarten children will be excited by this new experience and cannot wait to start schooling while others will have a very tough time and might be nervous from time to time.  

As a parent you will realise the excitement or the nervousness of the children especially some days before starting kindergarten and even immediately when they start kindergarten.  Due to their different levels of kindergarten prepared meals you might also discover that these kids will react differently when they walk in their kindergarten classroom door. In case your kid is not ready for kindergarten they will have a tough experience and they might be very nervous about the new experience in their lives.

Do Parents Have Any Responsibility in Preparing Kids for Kindergarten?

While most parents blame their kids for not being ready for kindergarten, they might be the main reason why their children are not ready for the new experience they are starting.  This is because as a parent you have not taken time to prepare your child for kindergarten.  Since the life of your child revolves around you and the people in your house, you must make sure that you at least try to help your child become ready for kindergarten so that they can have an easier transition once they begin schooling.

How Can Parents Prepare Their Kids For Kindergarten In Deception Bay?

In case you’re wondering how you can help your child to become ready for kindergarten, consider making use of the following tips;

  •  Practice some kindergarten skills with a child

While you are at home with your kid you can practice several activities that your child will be doing in the classroom once they start kindergarten.  Some of these kindergarten skills include holding a pencil and forming letters.  Even if your child has not mastered all the skills when they start schooling, at least they have some basic knowledge of what they are supposed to do in kindergarten.  Therefore your child will have an easier time when it comes to learning the skills in class.

  • Set morning and bedtime routines

When your child starts schooling they will have new routines and the morning and bedtime.  They will have to wake up early so that they can get to the kindergarten in time or even be ready for the bus.  Depending on the time your child will be waking up in the morning the bedtime routine will also be affected.  To ensure that the change in the writing does not affect your child once they start schooling you should make sure that you have clear morning and bedtime routines for your child.  This will help them get used to the new writing even before they start schooling.

  • Teach your kid how to follow directions

When kids are in kindergarten they are expected to follow all the directions they are given by their teachers.  To ensure that these are not abandoned for your child you need to start practicing how to follow directions as a child even before they start kindergarten.

  • Read to your child

All kindergartens give children the chance to play different games. They also run basics such as reading, math and writing.  When you’re at home you need to read to your child so that you can lay the foundation for learning and also prepare your child for listening time when they start school.

  • Help your child make new friends

You can organize some play dates with other parents so that your children can meet and learn how to socialise.  These will help your child in the others learn how to make new friends and therefore when they go to kindergarten they will be comfortable with the other kids and can make friends with them.

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