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12 Volunteer Programs for Traveling at No Cost

Here are the best portals and organizations to start with volunteering.   INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER HEADQUARTERS –  Ideal for those who have never volunteered. The organization takes care of all the volunteer movements, including transfers to and from the airport and takes care of finding accommodation in a family in the local community. For info . KATELIOS GROUP – S i takes…

By Lana Dixon July 9, 2018 0

Travel by working

TRAVEL WORKING – It takes a little ‘more time available, the training experience is assured and also the opportunity to experience the places of travel as they live the premises, in an authentic and profound. Here are the alternatives to spend your holidays, traveling, but not too much .  SEE ALSO: VOLUNTEER PROGRAMS TO TRAVEL AT ZERO COST Yacht crew…

By Lana Dixon July 9, 2018 0