For any parent, the most important thing is to find the right child care for their children. It is always a difficult time to drop off a child among strangers and hope they’ll be well taken care of, and of course, it also depends on the child’s age. Some children adapt well to being away from their parents, and others have problems with this situation. Child care has to be a two-way street; both the parents and the child have to be comfortable with it before it can work. Learning through play is an important stage in a child’s development.

1. Infants and toddlers

The younger the child is, the more critical it is to relate to the adults caring for them on a one-to-one level. Therefore, if they see that an adult is willing to come down to their height and play with them on the floor, they tend to gain more trust. At this stage, the child needs to relate to the educator with joy and happiness upon seeing them each day during child care. It is good that they learn to respect and socialise with children their age. Some children might be eating during child care, others playing, so each child needs to recognise the other’s routine and adjust to it. When you can bring your infant or toddler to a childcare centre and leave them content and not crying, you know you’ve made the right decision.

At this stage, the children must get play-based learning. Children can enjoy participating in small groups and start learning children’s rhymes, the alphabet, and even counting. Doing it all together in a group makes it so much easier. Children need to learn to share toys and makeup games with available toys. If the environment is child-friendly, the time is well-spent, and the children will enjoy socialising.

2. Children from 3 to 5 years old

At this stage, children begin to associate different things, and they look toward educators to help them understand the world around them. It is important for children to bond with their educators and trust them to answer all their questions. Children at this stage begin to develop friendships with other children. Some friendships can last throughout the rest of their school days. They are open to all kinds of learning and are interested in knowing why something happens. They need a full curriculum so that their interest is piqued to keep learning more. It is important for them to have educational toys and to be able to explore the world around them and to be able to share their discoveries with others.

So when it comes to child care, it is essential to find a child care in Manly or Wynnum that can take care of your child and open up their mind to the world around them and teach them about it and interest them in learning more. A child’s mind from an early age is like a sponge, and it soaks up a lot of information. So you want your child to soak up the right information and start learning as they go along. Learning is an important thing that is also part of playtime, and children learn a lot more through play and through doing stuff. It is also a time while enjoying being with other children that they begin to develop certain talents, such as the art of drawing and painting.


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