Hiring a person to care for a child is one of the most difficult decisions that parents should make. There is great fear about how this person will treat the little one. The first thing that must be done is to ask for references to family and close friends.

And it is not a bad idea since this guarantees that the person has experience in the care of minors. However, there should not stop the hiring process. Parents have to take a few days to know how the childcare works and see how the child adapts.

Once the candidate has been chosen, it is advisable to test her for a few days while the mother or father is at home. The idea is to observe how she develops her work and, of course, see how the child reacts to it.


Baby’s reactions and extra points


The first thing to keep in mind is if the hired person arrives on time, and gives timely notice when an emergency situations arises, which prevents the parents from caring for the child. Another positive point is to keep parents informed of the child’s daily activities.

Another good sign is that the child is happy to see it. If it is a child who already speaks, he will enthusiastically tell the things that the childcare tells him. Their progress will be noticed if the child learns new songs and words. If, on the other hand, the baby cries and tell the parents he does not like the new nanny, parents should take that opinion into account.

Another positive aspect of childcare is that she is able to work in a team with the parents and can find creative solutions to the problems. For example, if the crayons are finished, and they want to paint, they have the disposition to look for other things in the house that will help the child to continue painting.

Parents must also take care that the child and his room are clean. Good hygiene means that the childcare in evaluation is truly concerned about the well-being of their child.

Last but not least, make sure that the nanny will ensure the safety of the child inside and outside the home. It is a good idea to go out with her to the park and see how she takes the child and plays with him. It will be an additional bonus if the childcare knows of first aid or how to act in an emergency.


Relationship between child and childcare


Good treatment is developed, learned and it is a process that must begin in early childhood. One of the key ways for adult childcare to develop behaviours of good treatment is the proper exercise of authority in the respectful upbringing of children.


What are the most important rules that should be put into practice?


The most important rules in childhood, from 0 to 6 years, are related to the time of getting up and going to bed, the meal times, the formation of habits, the time that is dedicated to watch television, the programs that the child sees.

Even for young children, rules and limits are a need for development and it is the duty of the responsible adults to satisfy them, in order that they can coexist adequately in society.


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