Children tend to be weary when they have to make transition to a child care. This holds especially true for toddlers who are so used to having been with their parents all this time. The new environment can send most children over the edge. On a typical day you might see children crying or making it hard on their parents to leave them at child care. For most parents it can be a nightmare. The very idea of having their kid bawling over and not letting them go to work can be distressing. Also the whole day parents might be wondering if their child is okay being there with the caregivers or not. However, the transition to childcare can be a great smoother if you follow these tips from the experts at Childcare Nerang.

There are children who are particularly averse to any kind of transition. It is a difficult time for them. They can react by being all nervous or clingy. Avoid this with the help of the following:

  • Establish a routine at home. From the time you realise that the time to enrol your child in day care is nearing, make sure you set a schedule which is easy for your child to follow. Establish an early bed time so that you child can wake up in the morning fresh and active. Also waking up earlier provide ample time to have a healthy breakfast. Well-fed kids make less of a fuss. Also this routine can help your child find it easier to adhere to the schedule at day care as well.
  • Introduce educational activities. When a child is at home with parents it’s a great time to allow your child to get some hands on learning. Introduce early academic skills by getting the right materials. Make sure you participate with your child and encourage them to learn further. Give them basic language skills by singing out nursery rhymes. Children love music and songs.
  • If possible take your child to visit the childcare at least two or three times. This would help them get familiar with the surrounding. Also when they observe other children having a great time, they would themselves be motivated to join in the play. This way when it’s time for them to enrol in the child care they won’t be making a great deal of fuss.
  • When you are about to drop your child at day care, make sure to keep goodbyes as short as possible. This is because children may not want to let go easily but keeping things short and sweet can make it easy on your child and their care giver as well. You can be assured that the care givers are trained individuals who can easily manage your child even when he or she is not at their very best behaviour.
  • Trust the staff to take good care of your child. When you enrol your child at child care in Nerang rest assured that you children are in safe hands. They would be well cared for. This sense of peace would allow making the transition easer on your child as well. When you are relaxed your child would feel relaxed as well.

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